The Rise and Fall of Ireland

Because of isolationism and policy mistakes, Ireland became the poor man of North - West Europe. It caused poverty and starvation in Ireland. But it changed in a blink of an eye in 1990s when the economy of Ireland suddenly boomed and gave a lot of jobs and opportunities to Irish people. But in 2008 another challenge faced Ireland when they have their economic downturn which resulted to the fall of their GDP and their unemployment rate rose on that time. But Ireland didn't stop working and by the end of 2012 there is a rapid growth in employment. And industries starts to arise. Today, Ireland's economy is still growing and keeping up with other European countries. And now, the biggest pharmaceutical and biggest tech companies now have their headquarters in Ireland that will give more jobs to the people. And Ireland is a big exporter of meat and dairy because Ireland is so green and they can grow and raise the best food in the world. Ireland is really a great country to visit and there are a lot of great places and great food. Their culture is very interesting and exciting. It's really good to live in Ireland!

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