The Irish Gaelic

Irish Gaelic is the official language of Ireland. And Irish Gaelic is a celtic language which means it is a branch of the greater Indo - European language family. And the Irish language is one of the oldest living language in Europe. It is more known as Irish rather than gaelic because there is a similar language to it which is the Scottish Gaelic to avoid confusion. And in Irish language there is no yes or no if you are asked a question that is answerable by a yes or no, you should answer the verb form. The language that is commonly used in Ireland is english. And about 30 percent of the population are speaking Irish and only 5 percent of them use it every day. There are three dialects in Ireland Munster in south Ireland, Connacht in west Ireland and Ulster in north Ireland.For english speaking people, learning the Irish language is hard for them not like other language like French or Spanish. Because there are a lot of rules in the Irish language not like the english language. But if you really want to learn the language you will love it.

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