The Green Isle

Ireland is famous for it’s unspoiled beauty and green scenery. It is visited by millions of tourists every year. And it is even called the Emerald Isle by William Drennan because of it’s countryside beauty. And for Irish people it is very important for them to care for the environment because it is visited by a lot of people. But behind that unspoiled beauty, there are a lot of environmental problems that Ireland faces and one of them is the dumpsite placements in the country. It seriously affects the wildlife In Ireland and there are some recorded death of animals in some are because of this. But now they are making a solution for this to be solved. And another problem is the Acid Rain, and it is a big threat to the plants and soil because it might destroy them. And lastly, the major environmental problem in Ireland is deforestation and it is very alarming but Ireland is resolving this issue by replanting. Ireland is a very successful country and they will surely can resolve all the issue of their environment because it is visited by a lot of tourists every year.

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