Government in Ireland

Ireland gained it's independence on 1949. Ireland's government is a republic, with a mix of parliament and it is known as Oireachtas. And when voting, there are four political parties in the country which are Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and Sinn Fein. They are headed by their President Michael D. Higgins. In Ireland, the local authorities does not control the police nor the military. The highest court in Ireland is the supreme court while the lowest court is the district court. The constitution of Ireland is the law of their state. It was because of the plebiscite in 1937. The fundamental rights under the Irish constitution are the Equality before the law, Right to Life, Personal liberty, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Association, The right to fair procedures, Bodily integrity. Trial by jury, Religious Liberty. The Right to privacy The right to earn a livelihood, Freedom to travel, Inviolability of a citizen's dwelling, Property rights and lastly the rights of the family. Ireland's Government is really succesful and going to Ireland is really a must!

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